Meet Your Coach

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“A space to experience is a gift – one that can not be matched by any other.” 

My choice to work as a life coach has been primarily rooted in my personal frustration with traditional talk therapy. I had struggled as an individual and in relationships to find therapists that used more experiential modalities that not only viewed the body and mind as one but also incorporated “both” in session. With traditional talk therapy, I felt bored and disconnected with the intellectualizing and conceptualizing of emotions, behaviors, and/or methods of communication. I longed for activities that showed or displayed those concepts. I didn’t want to only talk about feeling, I wanted to feel. All too often, even when therapists would claim to be able to deliver experiential or emotion/body focused therapy, the end result still felt clinical, detached, and scripted. I craved more, and I knew I couldn’t be the only client that felt that way. I grew tired of feeling like a floating head.

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I believe that creativity in regards to personal and interpersonal conflict resolution is a crucial skill that therapists must have in order to be effective and successful. I enjoy coming up with new ways of working with individuals and those in relationships – ways that speak to each person and his/her/their own style of interacting with the world.  Logic, sensitivity, and empathy are foundations that guide how I interact with others.

If you are looking for something unique that has foundations rooted in traditional psychoanalytic theories, then this type of approach would be great for you. I can meet you in person in Denver, Colorado, or virtually via Skype of Facetime anywhere in the world.