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Is Laziness Ruining Your Relationship?

Can you remember the beginning of your relationship? Do you recall the butterflies? Do you remember sitting by the window waiting for him/her to arrive – or driving to pick your partner up at his/her house? Do you remember the nervousness, the excitement, the endorphin rush you felt – the physiological sensations of attraction that contributed to the initial attachment phase?

Maybe you’ve forgotten how all of those things feel. Continue reading

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Changing One-Sided Conversations

Have you ever had a one-sided conversation with someone that seemed more like you were witnessing a monologue than engaging in a dialogue?  Continue reading

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What is Ego

A lot of the work I do with people is the deconstruction of and realization of our ego clinging and ego protection strategies. No, I’m not talking about the ego in regards to the western version of ego that involves superficial things like beauty and competitiveness (although that’s part of it). What I’m talking about is Continue reading

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Negotiation in BDSM

Negotiation Before, During, and After BDSM

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